The City of Brisbane – Wonderful for Cyclists

Brisbane is simply a fantastic place for cyclists. The city has an extensive network of bike paths across the city, linking points of interest - schools, shopping malls, parks and more. No matter what type of cyclist you are, cycling in Brisbane is a pleasure.Here are some great sites to help you get around:

Cycling Brisbane

Cycling Brisbane

This is an excellent website where you can sign up as a member - free. It contains a wealth of articles on cycle routes, events, bicycle suppliers and special discounts, maintenance advice, safety advice and much more. Welcome to Brisbane, Cyclists!

Before you ride in Brisbane, why not have your bike checked out by our experts with one of our incredible maintenance packages?​

Brisbane Cycling Rules and Safety Tips

Brisbane cycling rules

Brisbane city council really supports its cyclists in every way imaginable. But of course, the onus for ensuring safe behaviour on the road lies with us - the cyclists. to be safe we must know the rules of the city we are in - so here's a great web resource to prime you if you are new to Brisbane, or if you just want to refresh your knowledge or check something up. Ride long  - Ride Safe!

Briscycle - Cycling and Bike Paths in Brisbane​

Briscycle - cycling in Brisbane

Briscycle is your destination for cycling and bike paths in Brisbane.

If you're curious about biking in this beautiful city — whether for work or pleasure — have a browse around the cycling resources, check out the freshly updated map, and plan yourself a bike trip!

The latest version of the map features popular bike shops around south-east Queensland, and CityCycle bike hire stations when you zoom in on the CBD.

​Brisbane Cycling Tours - Guided

bike tours brisbane

There are a whole range of guided tours on this site. They say: 

"If you are looking for things to do and see in Brisbane, come and join us on a fun, easy paced bike tour and discover Brisbane from a local’s perspective.

Our tours are fully guided by a Brisbane local with extensive knowledge of the city and combine historical sites and cultural attractions with a true insider’s guide to local bars, dining options, events and attractions. There is really no better way to see the sights of Brisbane than by Bicycle with a local guide."

We hope you enjoy this information on cycling in our beautiful city. We’ll be adding a lot more to the page on the opportunities and joys of cycling in Brisbane. If there’s something specific you would like then please leave a comment and we’ll get onto it.


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